Safe and trustworthy vinculation

B2Bconnect is a Virtual Business Center with the objective of creating
links between producers and supply chain.
Through its business center offers:

Link with participants of many professional sectors

Create business meetings, allowing the interaction between

buyers and sellers

Allowing to users: connect with new distribution

channels, the prospecting of new clients or providers

and the access to a Global Market

Transactions with the better conditions of begin to end

B2B Connect Benefits

Friendly meetings schedule
Internal Chat and Sending Emails
Be able to share product URL for advertising in RRSS
FREE access for clients
It is a Secure platform (BD, Access codes)
Look for the customer trust proccess
Bidirectional rating
Verified certifications

The platform more

accessible of market

Sign up

and create your account


your products


your account


your certifications


your business in one place

Consult the use manuals of platform for you have the best experience
Manual of Sign up for Providers and Clients
Manual of Users for Provider Accounts
Manual of Users for Client Accounts (Free)

Membership B2B Conecta

Monthly and annual prices of our memberships in dollars (USD)

Provider Membership



NAT 1 Product
22 USD
197 USD
NAT 10 Products
24 USD
218 USD
NAT 100 Products
30 USD
273 USD
NAT 1000 Products
60 USD
436 USD
INT 10 Products
35 USD
327 USD
INT 100 Products
42 USD
382 USD
INT 1000 Products
60 USD
545 USD
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